Saturday, January 31, 2015

Spring Dreams Makeup

This look is a cross between Spring Dreams & Mardi Gras. Since everyone does not enjoy the privilege of celebrating Fat Tuesday lets just call this look Spring Dreams.


Products used:

Eyes: Morphe Brushes 35 B eyeshadow palette $19.99 online.
Cheeks: Shany Cosmetics 36 color blush palette level 2 (lavender) $18.00
Contour: bh cosmetics Contour & Blush palette 2 $11.95
Eyes: Nicka K Nicka K Eye Light Crayon in Violet $1.99
Lips: Nicka K Auto Eye liner in Royal Purple $1.99
Lips: Nicka K lipstick in Lavender Tint $.99
Lips: Black Radiance Lipgloss in color Violet $2.99
Brows:Kleancolor Lip/Eyeliner pencil in Dark Brown $.1.49

I checked all of these price online today January 31, 2015. Online prices are subject to change. I hope you enjoyed this post and found some new affordable beauty products. Please comment and subscribe to my blog and have a beautiful day. Smooches

Saturday, January 24, 2015

Boo Boo Kitty (Debutante) Pink Glitter

This is my Boo Boo Kitty (Debutante) Valentine's Day Makeup 

Products used:

Brows: Starry eyeliner gel
Shadow primer: bh cosmetics eye & lip primer
Face: Black Radiance Soft Focus Finishing Powder in Golden Almond
Eyeliner: Nicka K Eye Light Crayon in Purple
Eyeshadows: Coastal Scents hot pots in Lavender, Spiceberry, & Oktoberfest
Mascara: Borghese Superiore State of the Art mascara in Black
Lipliner: Wet n Wild Coloricon eyeliner in Amethyst
Lipstick: Maybelline Color Sensational Vivids in Brazen Berry
Lip Glitter: Michaels craft store glitter (random pink)

Maybelline Brazen Berry

I really love the new Fox Television show Empire, this is my homage to Anika Lyon aka Boo Boo Kitty. I hope you Kitty's enjoyed the look as much as I enjoyed creating it. Maybe you can try it out for Valentine's Day!

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Mardi Gras makeup

This is a simple Mardi Gras look I put together a few nights ago. My dress is black & red so this will not be my cabaret makeup, but for this look I used the traditional Mardi Gras colors(Purple, Green, & Gold).

There's is nothing really different about this makeup than any of my other post. I will note that that purple lipstick is NYX Wicked Lippie in the color Immortal. This color is pretty but the formula is greasy and patchy, no matter how many coats I applied, there was always bald spots. I was very disappointed with this product. Despite my displeasure with this lip product, I hope you guys enjoyed the look. Feel free to peruse any of my earlier post to find a list of all the other products I use daily to achieve my beatface. 
Thanks and Let the Good Times Roll!

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Plum eyes & Magenta lips

A quick makeup look I completed while my hair was drying...

Products used:

Foundation: Skinn Plasma Foundation in Caramel
Concealer: Skinn Plasma Concealer in Deep
Blush: Bare Minerals blush in Sweet Romance
Brows: Starry eyeliner gel in Chocolate
NYX eyeshadow primer in skin tone
Eyes: Coastal Scents hot pots in Amethyst, Eggplant, & Panama Rose
Mascara: Borghese Superiore State of the Art in Black
Eyeliner: NYC Hi Def eyeliner pen in Black
Lips: Nicka K lipstick in Dark Magenta

Thanks for reading, enjoy your day, and contact me on facebook for any questions , comments, etc!

Sunday, December 28, 2014

New Years Eve makeup

This is my New Years Eve Smoky Eye Makeup


As usual I used affordable products to achieve this Night time Smoky eye.

Products used:
Foundation: Covergirl TRUblend whipped foundation in Soft Honey
Setting Powder: Ruby Kissing mineral powder in Mocha
Eyeshadow Primer: Wet n Wild Fergie Take On The Day
Brows: Ruby Kisses HD Gel liner in Dark Brown
Eyeliner: Ulta Dual Ended eyeliner pencil in Indigo
Mascara: Borghese Superiore State of The Art in Black
Eyeshadows: Coastal Scents hot pots in Indigo, Rainstorm, & Cinnamon Stone
Cheeks: City Color Be Matte blush in Toasted Coconut
Lip liner: Black Radiance in 6509
Lipstick: Borghese Moisture lipcolor in Majestico Plum

Coastal Scents custom palette
I hope you enjoyed my New Years Eve Smoky Eye makeup. If you have any comments or questions, please subscribe and contact me on my facebook link.
Have a Young & Beautiful New Year!

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Merry Christmas 2014

I hope you guys are enjoying this holiday season, It has rained here in Atlanta 7 days straight. But I still decided to play in a little makeup. Here are the pics...


I used affordable products to achieve this classic Christmas makeup.

Brows: Starry eyeliner in Chocolate (local beauty supply $3)
Eyeshadow base: L.A. Colors COVER UP pro concealer in Golden $3
Shadows: L.A. Colors 28 color eyeshadow palette in Beverly Hills $4
Face: bh Cosmetics Liquid Foundation in Mocha (online $3-5)
Cheeks: Shany Cosmetics 30 color cheek palette (online $20-35)
Lips: KLEANCOLOR femme lipstick in Tea Rose (local beauty supply $2)

Beverly Hills palette

I hope you guys enjoyed my simple and affordable Merry Christmas makeup.
Contact me on my facebook page for any additional information. 

Merry Christmas!

Sugar Plum Fairy

This is the look I wore for Christmas Eve, I call it Sugar Plum Fairy!


I used affordable products to achieve this look.

Brows: Starry gel eyeliner in Chocolate
Shadow base: NYX in Skintone
Eye Shadow: Coastal Scents hot pots in Pompano Pink, Raspberry Tart, Vibrant Plum & Edgy Eggplant
Eyeliner: Pure Minerals eye pencil in Onyx
Mascara: Borghese Superiore State of the Art mascara in Black
Face: Ruby Kisses Mineral Powder in Mocha
Contour: BH Cosmetics Contour & Blush 2 palette
Blush: Shany Cosmetics 30 piece blush palette
Lipliner: L'Oreal automatic lipliner in berries/mauves
Lips: Milani Lip Intense liquid color in Violet Addict

bh Cosmetics Contour 2 palette

Shany 30 Color Blush palette
I hope you guys enjoyed this post, if you have any questions about locating these products you can reach me on my facebook page. Smooches