Friday, February 24, 2012

My pretty palettes: (I need a date fast!)

      Hello Beauties and Divas,

I decided to decorate my eyeshadow palettes.
(I know, I was just that bored) 
They were all made of that cheap looking shiny black plastic.
I wasn't feeling that look.

Products used:
3 old sheets of scrapbooking paper
4 old beauty magazines
Alphabet stickers from Target
2 tubes of elmers school glue stick

This is how they turned out...

Miss Rose 24 color Wet/Dry Shadow

Profusion 120 Blockbuster Palette #1

Profusion 108 Blockbuster Palette

Profusion 120 Blockbuster Palette #2

Profusion 36 Glamour eye color palette

Rite Aid Palette

Giovi 48 Color palette

My Manly 120 palette is from
My Miss Rose 24 Color Wet/Dry palette is from
My Profusion and Giovi palettes are from Ross