Monday, April 30, 2012

Eyeshadow 101: Bases/Primers

Whenever you're using eyeshadow're gonna need a primer/base. They also help with regular pressed eyeshadows as well.

Here are some of my favs...and some others I have heard about...

Ruby Kisses (Beauty Supply stores & some Walmarts $5)

LA Splash (Ulta $7)

LA Splash (Ulta $7)

Smashbox Photo Finish Lid primer ($20 Ulta)

Urban decay eyeshadow primer potion ($20 Ulta)

elf eyeshadow primer ($3 Target, KMart, or elf

I also use cream eyeshadow as a perfect mineral pigments base, just apply a thin coat before applying your are some choices...

Revlon cream eyeshadow (Drug Stores $5)

Ruby Kisses cream shadow sticks (local beauty supplies & some Walmarts $5)

elf cream eyeshadow ($3 Target, Kmart, or elf

Maybelline color tattoo cream eyeshadow (Drug Stores $7)

L'oreal cream shadow stick ($1 Dollar Tree)

NYX jumbo pencils ($3-5 Ulta)

The other item that works well to help eyeshadow pigments stick is makeup setting spray, (you can also make your mineral eyeshadow pigments work as eyeliner when you apply it wet with a small eyeliner brush) are a few choices...

MAC Fix Plus

Urban Decay All Nighter (Ulta $28)

elf makeup setting spray (Target, Kmart, of elf$3)

I only have the elf and it works perfectly for applying my mineral pigments. First I dip my brush into my I spray the brush with the makeup on it...then I apply to the area. The mineral makeup goes on smoothly and stays put all day/night until I wash it off. 

Here's my recipe for homemade "Fix Plus"...

8 parts purified or distilled water (Walmart $1)

1 part isopropyl alcohol (Walmart $1)

1 part Humco glycerine (Walmart $3)

1 spray bottle (Walmart $2)

My homemade "Fix Plus" works wonders. (Plain water works too)
It's really afordable and you can make some for your friends.
I hope you guys find this post useful.
Until next post...
Smooches :)