Friday, September 20, 2013

Recent Purchase: La femme blush palette

I am a big fan of La femme blushes. I first learned about these blushes on you tube, all the makeup gurus swear by them and proclaim they are perfect for women of color. I purchased mine from The shades are beautifully pigmented and there is an awesome range of colors. There are several different ways you can purchase these beautiful blushes, I prefer to use the Palette Lab on where you can choose your blushes and place them in your palette in the order that you choose. I got 12 blushes in the palette for $40.00. Shipping is $7.95. Although I am fanatical about hating to pay for shipping, this palette is an amazing deal. Here are a few of my blushes...

Framboesia   Dusty Rose    Golden Sunset    Golden Ruby    Golden Rose     Terracotta

Flamingo Pink      Purple Passion     Magenta          Russet        Mandarin Red    Brown

This is my most recent La femme purchase

Bordeaux         Brandy Ice       Mauve        Orchid Ice      Pink Velvet       Precious Plum

Soft Beige         Sienna            Clove           Rose Chiffon     Stormy Rose       Satin Rose

This is my mini palette. I purchased this empty palette at under the eye shadow/empty cases section for about $6. I purchased my La femme individual blushes in the pan from for about $3 each. There are over 40 shades to chose from.

                               Indian Rose                 Fuschia                 Mulberry

                                Orange                        Coral                    Pink

                               Redwood                    Red                      Brick Red

I will be posting a series of swatches of these colors along with my opinion on the ease of application of each shade. I hope you guys found this post informative and decide to treat yourself to some of these candy coated La femme blushes. They also can be purchased individually for about $4 each :)